RCC: Arts & Culture

RCC: Arts & Culture

The Home of Arts, Culture & Civic Engagement in Roxbury

RCC loves celebrating the rich culture and artistic accomplishments of our students and community members. At the end of every semester, we host an arts showcase, encouraging students to show off their hard work and talents.  

Throughout the year, students participate in poetry readings, special lectures on languages, and examinations of different cultural identities. In the process, RCC gives everyone in our community more opportunities to learn and celebrate the history, culture, and artistic milestones of Indigenous, Latinx/Hispanic, and Black students, alumni, staff, and trailblazers. 

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Media Arts Center

RCC is committed to serving as a hub of arts and culture in Greater Roxbury.

The Media Arts Center hosts artistic, cultural, and civic engagement events throughout the calendar year. Artwork from local and national artists is displayed across the campus, including the famed Father and Child Reading Sculpture (located in the courtyard between Building 1 and Building 2) by John Wilson, the ceramic tile mosaic on display in the library, designed by Roxbury artist Napoleon Jones-Henderson, and the 2023 mural "An Ode to Africa in the Americas" (in the courtyard between Building 3 and Building 4). 

Our Lifelong Learning department also offers personal interest courses in the arts, including Introduction to Animation and Home Staging

We encourage you to visit our campus to see and experience RCC’s commitment to the arts. 

An Ode to Africa in the Americas

"An Ode to Africa in the Americas," is a 2023 outdoor mural collaboration by two dozen Black and Brown artists from the Roxbury community. It celebrates Africa’s rich history and culture as they have influenced and manifested on the American continent. The 85-foot-long mural features themes of liberation and resistance, the African origins of life, celebration, and nature and foodways.

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ode to africa in the americas


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