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Academic Support

Academic Support

All students at Roxbury Community College are provided academic support services during their time at RCC. This includes Learning Resources and Tutoring, Academic Advising, Student Accessibility Services for students with disabilities, access to our Testing Center, and more! Our team of dedicated student support staff are all here to support students in succeeding in their academics at Roxbury Community College. 

Staff providing students with academic support
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Academic Advising 

All students at RCC are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisors to create personalized academic plans.  Advisors are here to help you determine which degree program best suits your academic and professional goals, while ensuring that you are taking courses each semester that lead to degree completion.  Whether you enroll on a full-time or part-time basis, your academic advisor will help to develop a customized study plan. 


Academic Technology 

Whether you are enrolled in online, in-person, or hybrid classes, you’ll use MyRCC to access course materials, communicate with professors, submit assignments, and more.  The Academic Technology department will teach you how to use MyRCC, and provide support throughout your time at the College.  


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The Learning Center  

Roxbury Community College students can take advantage of free tutorial services available in many subject areas. Professional tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups to improve academic skills and to develop learning strategies. Tutoring is designed to enhance and support classroom learning, so that students gain the skills and confidence to be successful in coursework. Learning Center services include tutoring, the Language Lab, math support and writing support - all of which are offered in-person or online! 

To explore the various support services available to students in more detail, please visit the Current Students section of the website.  

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